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Together with Ohnhäuser GmbH and CMOR Composed Materials Ohnhäuser GmbH, Heli Aviation forms the ohnhaeuser company group, a group of companies focusing on the aerospace industry. Further information: » www.ohnhaeuser.com

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Company profile

Heli Aviation is constantly expanding the services of the established company in Augsburg, Emden and Salzburg. They form the traditional mainstay of the four service areas and, through their wealth of experience, can provide the direct practical expertise relevant to the second service area, the aviation school.

The Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY offers initial training and recurrent training of prospective private and professional pilots and crews. Furthermore, training courses in accordance with EASA PART-OPS and numerous mission training courses are held.

The third service area is the in-house EASA Part-145 maintenance operation.

The development of helicopter technology in the form of accessories and equipment for helicopters forms the fourth service area, and rounds off the Heli Aviation service spectrum.

The Augsburg aviation company Heli Aviation developed from Rainbow Helicopters GmbH, an established helicopter service company from Mainz-Finthen. The company can look back over 20 years’ experience of commercial flying.

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Locations of Heli Aviation GmbH - Germany: Augsburg, Emden, Wallerstein - Saudi Arabia: Rabigh - China: Tianjin, Hong Kong