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Safety & Maintenance

Safety has top priority at Heli Aviation.

Safety is vital for the smooth operation of air transport and has top priority at Heli Aviation. We carefully analyse the current weather data before each flight and during flight preparation decide at short notice about each start.

The maintenance of our helicopters is undertaken by specialist mechanics who are trained in the respective helicopter types. We are very much aware of our major responsibility to always keep the helicopters in perfect technical condition.

Impeccable documentation of our checks and maintenance is therefore essential, as is down-to-the-minute logbook keeping in the cockpit. Helicopter manufacturers keep us up to date via so-called service bulletins. Among other things, these contain important maintenance and safety instructions.

But it is not only our technology that is fit for service at all times. Our pilots, too, undergo periodic tests and health checks. Depending on age, these examinations are conducted on a six-monthly or annual basis. Independent examiners evaluate our pilots annually on the respective flight models. Moreover, we provide our pilots and crews with further training both internally and externally in training courses and seminars.

Aviation company

Heli Aviation operates under its own Air Operator Certificate (AOC) D-307 EG. This license entitles us to work in commercial air traffic. Heli Aviation GmbH is therefore licensed by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation and subject to statutory regulated inspections.

Locations of Heli Aviation GmbH - Germany: Augsburg, Emden, Wallerstein - Saudi Arabia: Rabigh - China: Tianjin, Hong Kong